New Banner

14th Mar 2017

So I decided that time had come to revamp my convention banner.  I realised I’d had it for a good 3-4 years and was starting to look dated and included comic art from my very first book Where’s the Cheese?

So it started out in the usual way with sketchy sketches in my book and trying to come up with something that fits what I’m doing now and what I’ll be working on in the next few years.

I thought what would work well would be to have little old me (and after making The Making of a Comic Con, I really enjoyed caricaturing myself!).

So I took to the computer and started sketching in Manga Studio a few comic characters from my comics past and future.

And of course, what else would I need – a logo! So I set out to design the Kev Brett Cartoon logo…

Once I’d decided on the characters and had finalised the logo I put some finishing touches to the banner and hey presto…the new con banner:





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