Works in Progress

16th Mar 2017

So I noticed the other day that my posts on Instagram seem to have a lot of – “Here’s a new comic idea I’m working on” or “Thumbnails for my next comic”, which is great…but whatever happened to those “comics”?

My latest idea is that instead of just saying here’s the next thing, but to actually MAKE it!! They don’t need to go in a book, I can easily post them here. And so what I’ve decided to do is find a lot of those “lost” comics and combine them together into an anthology comic (maybe even post some here!!).

My one big excuse is that I work digitally and that my work station has to be packed up after use and gotten out again and that I only have time in the evening after a long hard day blah blah blah blah…STOP MAKING EXCUSES!!!

What I intend to do now is work on some comics traditionally and some digitally. That way if I get a spare minute at work in lunch, I can work on the traditional stuff and then when I’m awake in the evenings, work on the digital. I now have no excuse!

I’ll still post works in progress over on my Instagram and twitter and Facebook, so keep ’em peeled, but I’m hoping that now some if not most of these comics will see the light of day. I want to crack on and not make excuses!

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