WORK – 07

17th Feb 2017

Gotta love the office donuts!! WORK – get it here!

WORK – 06

16th Feb 2017

Oh that shouty boss. We’ve all had them! Pick up the book here for only £2!!

WORK – 05

15th Feb 2017

That odd bod at the office! Pick up the book here!

WORK – 04

14th Feb 2017

The Stress! Table Bookings are now opened for Nottingham Comic Con 2017. If you like what you see…WORK

WORK – 03

13th Feb 2017

Enjoy! Also if you’re interested, Table Bookings have now opened for Nottingham Comic Con 2017. If you like what you see…WORK

WORK – 02

10th Feb 2017

Enjoy! If you like what you see…WORK

WORK – 01

9th Feb 2017

Here we go, the first strip from my book WORK. I hope you enjoy the ongoing posts. You can pick up the book for a measly £2 HERE. I’m also working on a short 4 page comic which will be […]


8th Feb 2017

Last Saturday (4th Feb) we took the trip to Cheltenham Racecourse…but no not to see any horses, but to visit True Believers Comic Festival! It was a great day and we met some great folk, including our good friends, The […]

The Making of a Comic Con

31st Jan 2017

I have now finished my new book, The Making of a Comic Con. It’s a biographical and humorous comic based on Kev Brett’s life as he takes on the challenge of putting on a comic convention. A funny perspective on […]

Comics Galore

6th Dec 2016

We’re getting close to the end of yet another year, and it’s been a manic one!! I’ve been working on my latest book – my very first FULL colour book, Koala Konspiracy (which you can pick up here) as well […]