Nottingham Hoods Basketball

24th Apr 2018

Recently (and thanks in main part to my son’s love of basketball) we as a family have started attending the McDonald’s Nottingham Hoods Basketball games. It’s been an amazing experience to watch as the team won the second division title…by a long shot! PLUS they’ve made it to the playoff finals (Sunday 29th April). I was asked by the general manager Lee English after he saw my work on twitter, whether I’d be up for doing some cartoon style pieces. I got a little carried away and ended up doing the entire team!

When I’d finished the players the owner/franchisee of a number of McDonald’s restaurants in Nottingham, Jerry Nicholls, asked me to put together a poster for him to display. And who could say no to that?!!!

Here are the player profile pics and the finished poster (which by the way, you can buy in the store for a steal at £3.50 – with a choice of landscape or portrait versions).

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