Birthday Commission

30th Jan 2014

Here’s a little commission I did for a friend recently, who wanted a design for a birthday card.

Elementary? Pg11

29th Jan 2014

Assemble the Army!!!!!!! So my graphic novel, draft number 02 is done and done. It has been sent to my trusted editors…we’ll see what comes back. On a personal note, I’m about to start a new internship next week. A […]

Elementary? Pg10

27th Jan 2014

Morning all. New week and a new page is upon us. In other news, I’ve been working on my graphic novel script recently. The second draft is almost done, just some dialogue tweaks and then I’ll send it off out […]

Elementary? Pg09

24th Jan 2014

Hope you’re enjoying the comic 🙂 In Other news, the new potential venue for Nerd Fest 2 is AWESOME!!!!! Will fill you in with more details soon…

Elementary? Pg08

22nd Jan 2014

Ooooo mysterious!! Big day today. As last year’s Nerd Fest Comic Con was such a big success, we’ve decided to do it again this year!!!! Today we go check out a new, bigger venue in the centre of Nottingham city!!!! […]

Elementary? Pg07

20th Jan 2014

Monday morning and a new comic page!!! Wooooo! Hope you’re enjoying Elementary? so far. Things are starting to really pick up now and the plot thickens. In other news I’ve just finished writing my first draft of my debut graphic […]

Elementary? Pg06

17th Jan 2014

It’s Friday and it’s time for more Elementary? I hope you’re enjoying the comic, please spread the word and if you’re on Twitter, come say hello here or alternatively if you’re on Facebook – here.

Elementary? Pg05

15th Jan 2014

Enter the bad guys…!!!

Elementary? Pg04

13th Jan 2014

New week, 3 more my pages!! Explosions…what more do we need?

Elementary? Pg03

10th Jan 2014

So things are starting to get going. Hope you’ve enjoyed the first week of Elementary?, we have a few more to go yet… Have a good weekend, we’ll be back Monday!! Please spread the word, thanks.