Deal of the Week

26th Feb 2013

It has come the time to launch our first Deal of the Week Competition! Now we have the new website and new products, we thought it would be nice to share our excitement by offering you the chance to win […]

Deal of the Week

11th Feb 2013

Welcome to this week’s Deal of the Week! This week we’re offering FREE, yes FREE postage on EVERYTHING!!! But only till Sunday, so best get your orders in quick.

Deal of the Week

4th Feb 2013

Welcome to our Deal of the Week! Each week we will post a brand new deal, it may be an overall discount, something to do with a specific product, money to charity from your purchase, but each week there will […]

Ramblin’s of a 3 Year Old – Sneaky Peek

25th Jan 2013

At Piddley Pix we’re always on the lookout for new inspiration to make into great new products. Being a family business; who better to give us the inspiration than the kids! Our oldest is now 4 (So close to 5 […]

Social Media

21st Jan 2013

Social Media! People tend to fall into two camps, the ‘I love Social Media’ and the ‘I don’t get it’s’, to be honest here at Piddley Pix we fall into the first camp! We have met many awesome people, seen […]

From Sketch to Shirt – Step by Step to making a kid’s t-shirt

14th Jan 2013

So what goes into making a t-shirt? Where do you get your ideas and how do you transfer those into an actual t-shirt? These are just a couple of the questions, very few people ask me, but I feel I […]

The Big T-Shirt Sale

30th Dec 2012

  The big JANUARY SALE has begun (ok it’s not quite January, but we couldn’t wait). We’re having a sale on ALL our t-shirts, so pick some up for the whole family before the end of the month.

Geek Shirts Interview

20th Dec 2012

Greetings folks, just wanted to let you know that Piddley Pix is featured over at Geek Shirts, an awesome site that spotlights companies and products from across the globe who specialise in, surprisingly, T-Shirts. Please go take a look and […]

Christmas Competition

10th Dec 2012

We here at Piddley Pix are in the Christmas spirit and to show it, So we are donning our “large fella’s” outfit, and having our bellies roll like a bowl full of jelly…well, mine anyway and we’re giving away a […]

Badgers! Badgers! Awesome Badgers!

6th Dec 2012

Look what arrived at the PP HQ this week! Our very own Piddley Pix badges. And what are we doing with these little bad boys you ask. WE’RE GIVING THEM AWAY!!! That’s right, with each purchase made from the site, […]